Sticky Loops and Superfans: build habit-forming products like a hit game designer

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Have you ever wondered how genre-defining games & products come to life?

After working on Rock Band, The Sims, Netflix, ebay, Ultima Online, & Covet Fashion… I learned something surprising. 

These breakthrough hits did NOT start off by going after a large TAM (total addressable market). 

Instead, they focused on capturing a narrow “beachhead” of eager customers & grew from there. 

And contrary to what I expected - these high-retention hits did NOT start off with polished onboarding, or fleshed-out mastery systems. 

Instead, they started with a stripped-down “core habit loop” that gives people a reason to return - & once that’s working, they tune the loop to deliver a better experience as someone becomes more skilled.   

So… how exactly do you build & tune a Sticky Loop that drives retention?

And how do high-need Superfans help you iterate fast & find product/market fit? 

In this tactical workshop, you’ll learn how to

  • use behavioral signals & “struggling moments” to identify your Superfans 
  • create sustained engagement in your product by designing Sticky Loops
  • drive adoption & retention with research-based habit-stacking

This workshop includes in-depth examples from Rock Band, The Sims & 

If you want to build retention & accelerate product/market fit, this is for you!


Learning Outcome

3-part framework for building high-retention products & habits that stick

Target Audience

All conference attendees



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