Build Your Rapid Innovation Playbook: Help your team(s) validate ideas 10X faster

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Innovation is risky. That’s why successful innovators validate their ideas before building them. 

And the best way to validate your product idea is to test the right prototype on the right early customers. 

In this high-impact workshop for product leaders and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to turn your ideas into a product that people come back to, again and again, with a proven system that takes the guesswork out of product discovery. 

During the workshop, you’ll put together a rapid innovation playbook to help your team:

  • Zero in on product/market fit by talking to the right early customers 

  • Boost engagement with a skill-building habit loop

  • Save time by testing your product with no-code storyboards

This workshop will teach you advanced techniques that power the biggest hit games & products of our time - & dramatically increase your odds of success.


Learning Outcome

In this workshop you’ll learn how each of the 5 steps of the Game Thinking system works, and start applying it to your product concept. Here are the 5 steps:

  1. Identify your Riskiest Assumptions

Prepare to run smart experiments by using the MVP canvas to clarify your hypotheses and assumptions.

  1. Find your Ideal Testers

Identify a narrow beachhead market by finding customers who exhibit the right behavioral signals.

  1. Design your Habit Loop

Design for re-engagement by habit stacking your core habit loop.

  1. Run No-code Storyboard Playtests

Test your riskiest assumptions by playtesting your end-to-end product experience with your Superfans

  1. Validate your Market with Teardowns

Study your market by recruiting testers who have used or stopped using your closest competitors

Target Audience

High-impact workshop for product leaders and entrepreneurs



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