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After having prototyped and implemented Agility at team level, many organisations  particularly focus on scaling the experience at enterprise level. While there is an agreement that  Agile is an effective approach for complex systems, , we tend to paradoxically define Agile scaling models as if organisations were simple predictable systems, manageable by fixed frameworks.   This workshop is a  hands-on session that invites  participants to discover and experiment  the "2 loops" transformation model , defined  by Berkana Institute. 

Inspired by the cycle of  living organisms, this systemic approach,  it describes how a business or social system rises,  then declines to make space for a new one, and  how change agents can effectively support  the sparks of change , while securely hospicing the old system. You will learn - and live!- what are the main roles spotted in the two loops model and how we all position ourselves in these roles in a continuously changing organisation.

You are the character and the agent of the change you are in. The 2 loops model empowers you both ways.

Workshop's stepstones: 

- Dominant system: what is the dynamics of dominant systems? 

- Emergent system : How to observe and nourish a new system? 

-  People in the midst of change: What are the main roles spotted in the two loops model? How do we all position ourselves in these roles?

- Driving actions: What are the actions that different change agents take to insure the transition and address the natural resistance to change?


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

- Presentation of  2 loops model : vision, principles, framework

- Explore the dynamics of Dominant system exercise - Group of 5-7 people What is the current dominant system in your professional ecosystem? What phase is it in? 

- Explore the identity of the emergent systems  in your ecosystem : groups of 5-7: How to observe and nourish a new system? 

- Roles exercise in the 2 loops change model (Pioneer, Stabiliser, Hospice worker, Champion, "Midwife") :  groups 5-7: What roles are you taking  in a continuously changing organisation? What role are you reinforcing? 

-  Explore what actions you want to take in respect to the 2 loop model and how you can concretely achieve them : group of 5-7- map of driving actions

Outcome :

Guided by the canvas of the 2 Loops model, the participants will be invited to draft how they can reinforce the change they want to see in their own professional ecosystem.

Learning Outcome

  • How to empower your transformation program using the 2 loops model
  • What are the effective roles in a continuously changing organisation and how you ca position yourself in these roles
  • Have a new perspective on transformation at scale models

Target Audience

Change agents, Coaches, managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, HR managers, and everyone who is curious about and/or is involved is a transformation program.


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