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This  session invites you to discover  what Agile Leadership can be, by giving you concrete keys to open a three dimension perspectives :

1. Inner leader : Learn how to reveal and grow your own type of leadership and discover what are drivers to allows you to reinforce it

2. Co-Leadership ; Develop how you can be a leader among other people present in your ecosystems  and learn how you can foster le collective (shared) leadership 

3. Leader at Service: Create the level of awareness that will motivate you the most in your leadership journey:  explore how you can put your leadership skill at the service of your team, organisation and of a shared purpose among all your stakeholders.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1st dimension : explore your inner leader:

      What are the leadership archetypes?

      Agile Leader Qualities and what blocks us to develop them   


2nd dimension : Co-leadership

The way we show leadership in our relation with our pairs , our teams and our managers is a major  aspect of leadership

     Observation among pairs exercice : explore how observation impacts ourselves 

     The Johari window to develop the co-leadership


3rd dimension : Leader at Service

    Explore how we apply the qualities of a leader at the service of  a community

Learning Outcome

  • Discover an original and hopefully helpful model of Agile Leadership
  • Experience the 3 dimensions of the Agile Leadership with short practices 

Target Audience

Managers, product owners, Scrum Masters, change leaders, and all individual willing to learn about cultural change


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