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Back in-person? Attend this workshop to feel confident making awesome posters for your teams. Flipchart posters and hand-drawn visuals don’t need to be difficult. Tap into the power of visual workshops by learning the skill of poster-making to increase engagement, generate ideas and insights. 


Take your retrospectives, training, workshops, or events to the next level by creating eye-catching and engaging posters. The applications are endless. All you need is the basics of creating simple and effective posters. 


In this workshop we will cover: 

-      Benefits of hand-drawn posters 

-      Basic elements 

-      A range of templates and ideas for your posters 

-      How to apply different layouts for different purposes

-      Visual metaphors and branding 


Add this useful skill to your toolbox as a scrum master, agile coach or facilitator. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction to Visuals & Poster Making: 10 min

Why are visuals important? We will cover the basic theory and benefits of using hand drawn visuals to engage audiences, ideate, generate insights and run effective workshops with teams. Brief outline including:

  • Benefits of visuals 
  • Overview of types of posters for workshops
  • When to use posters?
  • Examples 

Basic components of posters: 15 min

Effective posters don’t have to be difficult! Posters can comprise of basic elements that can make them eye-catching and fun in workshops, as well as effective for running activities. Basic elements include: 

    • Text (understating basic typography, hierarchy of text, etc.) 
    • Basic shapes and graphics (how to use basic shapes and elements to create easy graphics) 
    • Containers 
    • Colours 
    • Metaphors & visual storytelling (take your posters to the next level by using visual metaphors that will grab attention and enhance engagement) 
    • Branding (note on branding to make posters look more professional)

Delegates will be given booklets with ideas, tips and ideas for each section. 


Examples of Posters, purpose and layout: 10 min

Posters can be used to facilitate many different techniques for workshops, retrospectives, events, etc. 

In this section we will go through examples of types of posters for facilitation, including: 

  • Informative (share information)
  • Generate ideas (ideate)
  • Group / sort ideas (insights)

These will illustrate different layouts and purposes of posters. Giving attendees examples of simple layouts that they can use as inspiration for their posters. 


Practical – Designing your poster (small scale): 15 min 

Attendees will be given an A4 piece of paper and an activity to design a poster for (using examples of layouts given). They will have time to design on a small scale to plan how their poster will look on a larger scale. 


Feedback and instructions – how to scale posters larger: 10 min 

I will work attendees through the process of transforming your A4 plan onto a flipchart size page. Along the way I will share tips, tricks and recommended material and stationery. 

Practical – Large-scale poster activity: 20 min 

Depending on the size of the audience / room, delegates will create their own posters or create a poster in a group (selecting one of the smaller plans). 

I will rotate around the room to assist and give tips and tricks. 


Questions & Closing: 10 min

We will listen to feedback from attendees on the process, and display posters. Short closing and open for questions.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the basics of creating posters for workshops and including visual elements (font, colour, frames and borders, layout, basic shapes)
  • Improve facilitation in workshops by using posters to gather insights, group, prioritise and brainstorm / ideate 
  • Using branding and visual metaphors to elevate your posters to the next level
  • Build your confidence in creating posters (from an idea / plan into a final poster)
  • Learn how to translate techniques into posters for different purposes (retrospectives, planning, training or events)

Target Audience

This session is for anyone who needs to run in-person workshops, create posters and activities for an audience. Build your confidence to design and create eye-catching and engaging posters / other visual assets for any workshop.


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