We are all involved in a social dynamics in our team and organisation and therefore we play a role in it. Every individual has the potential of a leader, as we all have the power to claim our right of free will.

This workshop is inviting you to explore and connect to your Authentic Leadership, so you can express it, weather you are involved in an Agile team, an Agile transformation program, or in any other type of group dynamics.

You will explore Agile Leadership, by giving you concrete keys to open a three dimension perspectives on your leadership: your inner leader, building co-leadership, becoming leader at service.


1Inner leader : Learn how to reveal and grow your own type of leadership and discover what are drivers to allows you to reinforce it, so you can thrive rather than bear; surf the wave of change rather that resit it., following the Agile mindset.


2Co-Leadership ; Develop how you can be a leader among other people present in your ecosystems and learn how you can foster le collective (shared) leadership 

You will learn about how you can set healthy boundaries, while embracing the courage of vulnerability, how you can co-create a space of psychological safety where you trust and feel trusted. 

You will discover a set of practical tools that will help you develop leadership in action with your pairs .


3. Leader at Service: in this section you are invited to exercice the level of awareness that will motivate you the most in your leadership journey, and explore how you can put your leadership skill at the service of your team, organisation.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The workshop offers a number of concrete exercices and activities structured as follows:


1st dimension: Explore your inner leader

What are the leadership archetypes?

Agile Leader Qualities and what blocks us to develop them

Leadership style growth exercice : experiment the change of perspective

Guide to unleash your leadership : from safety to power 


2nd dimension : Co-leadership

The way we show leadership in our relation with our pairs , our teams and our managers is a major An important aspect of leadership is 

Observation among pairs exercice : explore how observation impacts ourselves 

The Johari window to develop the co-leadership

Use assertive language to reinforce CO-leadership 

The power of empathy in do-leadership and how to access it using liminal thinking model ( Dave Gray),


3rd dimension : Become a Leader at Service

Interactive exercice to observe how we apply the qualities of a leader at the service of a community

In this section we will learn:

how group dynamics operates, by using the BART (Boundaries, Authority, Roles, Trask) model of the Tavistock Institute 

How the size of the group influences roles and leadership 

The power of observation and presence for the Agile Leader to best serve the group

Power roles and how you can build and foster a psychological safe space and manifest

Learning Outcome

  • Discover an original and hopefully helpful model of Agile Leadership
  • Connect with your authentic leadership 
  • Experience the 3 dimensions of the Agile Leadership proposed by concrete practices 
  • Learn a systemic perspective on leadership 
  • Experiment different concrete practices that will help you reinforce your leadership, as an individual and as a team/organization

Target Audience

If you are a manager, a Product Owner ,a Scrum Masters, an Agile Coach, a change leader, or an individual willing to connect to your leadership to thrive in your role, this workshop is for you.


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