The Future, Backwards – Making Sense of a Range of Possible Futures

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Join Jules Yim as she facilitates one of the Cynefin Co's most popular workshop methods called the Future, Backwards. Originating from the field of futures and foresight, Future Backwards is a sidecasting technique that helps both homogenous and heterogenous groups of people discuss and make sense of a range of possible futures. It is also effective for lessons learnt, historical analysis, conflict resolution and context setting.

This workshop will focus on Future Backwards to compare and contrast different aspirations as to the present and the future of Agile – how do we see it now, and what futures are possible? This method is interactive, thought- and discussion-provoking, and best of all, fun! You might wonder where the 90 minutes went by the end of it, and you will leave hopefully inspired by shared vision of Agile's future, and for the facilitators amongst you, another engaging workshop method for your repertoire.


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    We’re growing used to talking about the importance of autonomous, high performing teams, and of bringing different technical disciplines together. But most organisations are more than their technology, and delivering great services requires organisations’ operations, policy, strategy and other functions to pull in the same direction. Drawing on experiences of bringing together teams across a broad range of disciplines in the UK and globally, James Stewart will look at why now is the time to really think multi-disciplinary and what some of the foundations are for much more inclusive digital work.