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Agile has become domesticated, and it’s time to get back to its complex roots. 

At the Cynefin Co, we believe that as development cycles become more complex and time-to-market accelerates, Agile processes and development need to become more adaptive and allow for deeper levels of sense-making and emergence, not less… Meanwhile, some industry players are striving to standardise and dumb down these same processes with one-size-fits all frameworks (usually supported by an easy certification).

This talk picks up on the theme of Rewilding Agile, reflecting on new developments and tools in the past year in the context of a multi-methods, multi-tools ecosystem. Join us and a growing movement of AGILE professionals globally, to explore alternative futures and ways of engaging in our work.

You will leave with an understanding of the concept of Rewilding and how it applies to Agile. This presentation is planned as a companion piece to the Future, Backwards 90-minute workshop also run by Jules Yim, but neither are prerequisites for the other.


Target Audience

All conference attendees

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some knowledge of the Cynefin framework would be nice, but not necessary



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  • James Stewart
    James Stewart
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    We’re growing used to talking about the importance of autonomous, high performing teams, and of bringing different technical disciplines together. But most organisations are more than their technology, and delivering great services requires organisations’ operations, policy, strategy and other functions to pull in the same direction. Drawing on experiences of bringing together teams across a broad range of disciplines in the UK and globally, James Stewart will look at why now is the time to really think multi-disciplinary and what some of the foundations are for much more inclusive digital work.