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Being able to develop, test and easily deploy a single microservice is a key indicator for a successful transition to a microservice style architecture. The challenge arises when determining how the new microservice will interact with your existing system meaning that they need to undergo comprehensive integration testing before deployment. This slows down the path to life and highlights problems at a much later point in the microservice lifecycle. Contract Driven Development helps you to shift left and identify compatibility issues earlier in the development life cycle when they are easier to catch and fix.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Key challenges with Microservices Architecture from integration and deployment point of view
  • How Contract Driven Development (CDD) can help?
  • Getting started with CDD in your organisation

Learning Outcome

  • Using central contract repo to collaborate 
  • How to leverage Specmatic to turn API specifications into executable contracts 
  • How to independently test and deploy your microservices 

Target Audience

CTOs, Architect, Lead Engineerings



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