Until a few years ago everyone thought that scrum was only good for small projects, projects with one or two teams, with a (very) limited number of people involed.

During the last years more and more organization see the benefits they get from becoming more lean and agile and are seeking ways to use it at scale, so, not surprisngly, people strarted investigating and trying to find ideas and solutions for scaling.

LeSS (Large scale Scrum) is a framework developed for several years by Bas Vodde and Craig Larman.
The LeSS framework tries to balance between the need for concrete practices and empirical process controls, this balance allows each organization to find its own solution while basing the solution on a set of elements which have been repeatedly tested and found like a good match for many organizations and teams.

In this session i will introduce the main ideas and concpepts behind the LeSS framework.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Why not to scale agile.

Introduction to scaling agile.

Why LeSS?

LeSS guiding principles.

LeSS framework.

LeSS structures.

"LeSS huge" - For more than 8 teams.


Learning Outcome

Get to know and understand what is LeSS and is it right for you?

Target Audience

Agile coaches, Scrum masters, PMO, Managers, CxO and anyone interested...

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  • Elad Sofer

    Elad Sofer - The evolution of Customer satisfaction

    45 Mins

    "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer..." Says the agile manifesto. But how do we achieve customer satisfaction? 
    This topic has been bothering many people and organizations over the years and we have witnessed several approaches and practices to try and reach this Holy Grail.
    During this session I will review the evolution of customer satisfaction, starting at the dawn of history and ending with the tools and practices of today.

    I will review the tools being used by today's successful organizations and will provide some tips and advice on making sure your customers are happy.