In fall 2014 there is no question that business agility is required. You will also be hard pressed to find anyone arguing against the core principles of lean/agility or against most of the practices. But most enterprise organizations have not yet reached the levels of agility you read about in books or hear about at conferences. Lean/Agile is now trying to cross the chasm into the mainstream enterprises where effective change management for today’s context is the name of the game. Through stories from the trenches of enterprise change management we will discuss different approaches to change and when each is appropriate. We will see how a combination of the Kanban evolutionary approach to change combined with "free market / pull based change management" helps accelerate the journey towards agility without risking its stickiness, and share some hard-learned lessons that resulted in patterns like “Manager’s first”, “Document/Methodology later”, “Market & wait for Pull”, “Case Study”, “Opt-in vs Mandate”, “Guidebooks OVER guided tours”. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is broken with typical agile implementations

Introducing pull-based change management and how kanban fits into the picture

Discuss the "crossing the chasm" view of organizations and how to deal with different stages of the adoption lifecycle

Lessons learned applying this approach in a big enterprise


Learning Outcome

This session will help you choose the right change management approach for your lean/agile change initiative and tweak it to improve the chances of crossing your own organizational chasm between where you are now and a sustainable sticky new way of working.

Target Audience

Lean/Agile Coaches/Consultants, Development Managers, Program Managers



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