Scaling Agile is the hot trend these days. There are various options people are currently using to scale agile across their organization ranging from the trendy SAFe through the evolutionary Kanban all the way to classic LeSS. As an enterprise agile coach with straddling both the Kanban and SAFe worlds with experience helping various global enterprises to be more agile at scale I have a wide perspective of the agile scaling approaches landscape which I will share in this session. Together we will look at the various leading approaches to Scaling and understand how they compare, where each is appropriate, how to mix and match them. We will also spend some time discussing change management/implementation aspects of using the  the various approaches and how to move through the selection, kickoff, stabilization and recharge phases and ideally move to improve mode at some point. 


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

      • Scaling Agile - what is the problem we are trying to solve
      • Short introduction to the various options
      • A bit more emphasis on Scaling using Kanban:
        • Expand/Collapse to deal with Scaled Agile Requirements such as Features, MMFs, Stories, Tasks
        • SOA Kanbans to deal with special services teams compared to feature teams
        • Dealing with complicated functions such as technical-writing, performance testing, UX that are typically hard to co-locate with all teams
      • Criteria for comparing and selecting an appropriate scaling approach for your context
      • Real-world examples for right and wrong choices of scaling approach - and what we can learn from it. 
      • Fitting a scaling approach within change management phases - Thinking/Selection, Kickoff, Stabilization, Recharge, Improve.

the session can be adjusted to be a deeper talk or even a workshop, depending on the needs of the program. 

Learning Outcome

  • Have a basic familiarity with key agile scaling approaches - SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, Kanban
  • Know when to consider which scaling approach. 
  • Know how to apply kanban thinking/practices to your scaling challenges.
  • Understand how the agilesparks way can help you manage your agile scaling journey

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Development Managers, Program Managers, Change Agents



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