How to start your own supermarket in India

Are you looking to start a small scale supermarket in India which delivers good profits and has a strong and loyal customer base? Then you should probably hurry up and get going since this is the best time for you to start your very own Indian supermarket. This is because people are earning more and spending more therefore the customers are always on the lookout for new stores that offer better services, excellent products and exceptional prices.


Whether you want to get a dmart franchise or start your very own grocery store the fundamental principles still remain the same. 

The first step for starting any business is to create a business plan. So here is a quick guide to help you prepare a big or mini supermarket business plan in India:

  1. Estimate the investment:

This is at the core of any business including your new supermarket as the amount of investment will dictate the efficiency and size of your business. Hence proper and clear forecasting on the investment will help you plan better and meet the company’s future needs as per the plan. However, if you ignore investment estimation, your store may not be able to operate as well as you’d like it to. 

Planning the investment for a supermarket primarily depends on:

  • The cost of renting or leasing a physical shop location
  • Inventory
  • Tech investment which includes CCTV, accounting
  • Set up cost
  • The cost associated with licenses
  • Marketing associated costs – includes press releases, advertisements, flyers etc
  1. Licenses and other legal requirements:

If you are starting out your supermarket you are mandatorily going to need the following licenses and registrations to operate:

  • GST registration: GST registration is mandatory for all businesses or that have an annual turnover above the stipulated threshold. This is a single unified indirect tax system applicable throughout the country.
  • FSSAI licenses: verifies and proves that your supermarket follows all the necessary requirements for protecting and promoting public health by adhering to the rules of food safety and supervision. This is a mandatory license for any business entity that engages in food-related activities, hence it is essential for supermarket
  • Shop Act- all commercial establishments that operate within the municipal limits need to get this license. It helps in the regulation of:
    • Wages
    • Work hours
    • Leave
    • Holidays
    • Terms of services
    • Other conditions
  1. Choose the best location

The success of a brick and mortar business depends heavily on the location of the store. Hence it is vital that you choose a location that would guarantee a good footfall in your store. The best places are typically busy supermarkets or the centre of the town however it may increase your rent/lease costs

  1. Store design

You can hire a designer to give the interior and exterior of your supermarket a friendly and appealing vibe. This also would give you an opportunity to learn about product placement inside the store to boost your sale


  1. Market research

If you want to have a good customer base it is essential that you know about the buying preferences, living standards of your prospective customers along with market size. This also includes checking out your competition.


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How to start your own supermarket in India

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How to start your own supermarket in India

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