Agile Project Management with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013

This presentation is to give walkthrough of portfolio management, product backlog management, manage multiple teams,  sprint planning, team dashboard, team room,  team capacity management, Product Backlog and sprint dashboard. Distributed project team collaborate using Team Room, Task board update for all work and used during Daily Stand Up meeting.

Out of box (OOB) template for CMMI, Agile and Scrum.  The main distinctions between the three default process templates are in the work item types they provide for planning and tracking work. Visual Studio Scrum is the most light-weight and MSF for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) provides the most support for formal processes and change management.

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013 - Choose Visual Studio Scrum if your team manages bugs along with product backlog items during sprint planning
  2. MSF for Agile Software Development 2013 - Choose Agile if your organization triages bugs separately from the product backlog and resolves work items before closing them. Also, choose Agile if your team allocates time for bugs with each sprint
  3. MSF for CMMI Process Improvement 2013  - Choose CMMI if your organization triages bugs separately from the product backlog, resolves work items before closing them, and tracks changes to requirements formally. The CMMI template  is designed to support formal change management processes.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Three Section

First: Why Agile? Reinforce why do we need to be agile. 

Section:  Agile Planning?  Planning for continuous delivery, Build-Measure-Learn & Repeat, Product Backlog Management

Third: How do we do it?  Walkthrough Agile Portfolio Managemnet, Management and Agile Teams,  Sprint Planning, Dashboard, Taskboard

Learning Outcome

Delegates will know, how easy is to manage agile projects using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013.  What are the different out of box template can be used. 

Target Audience

Product Owner, Scrum Master, Program Managers, Deverlopers, Testers

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    • Sarabjit Singh Bakshi

      Sarabjit Singh Bakshi - Art of Processing People in batches - Lets Re-factor our Schools

      45 Mins

      My talk will be highlighted on the currrent Education System and how Agile and Lean Mechanisms can help us refcator our education System . As we all proceed in this digital world its important to understand what extra can we do to make our children education more informative and creative . Using Agile and Lean from Gurukuls to Modern school- what do we think -Is the current education system is helping our students . Would like to give an insight on where are we going how we can improve it and how we all can contribute to make it better. We can talk on using Agile as Change Agent towards transforming the way our children precieve learning.