Being Agile developer, have tried & tested various flavors of pair programming over the years while working in highly motivated self-managed team. Some experiments worked while some worked better :)

This talk is about sharing the personal experience of practicing promiscuous pairing which allowed the team to be always in the beginner's mind state and being able to push the boundaries consistently.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • My quick introduction (1 min)
  • What is Promiscuous Pairing and how to leverage beginner's mind? (5 mins)
  • Why we decided to adopt it? (3 mins)
  • What all we experimented and what worked for us? (4 mins)
  • Challenges we faced and how we overcome those? (2 mins)
  • What we achieved with it? (2 mins)
  • Q/A (3 mins)

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding Promiscuous Pairing and its benefits
  • Leveraging Beginner’s Mind state while pairing
  • Successful adoption journey and how it worked effectively in a self-managed team
  • Adoption challenges and experimentation techniques

Target Audience

Agile Developers, Scrum Masters


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Public Feedback

    • Naveen Indusekhar

      Naveen Indusekhar - Research paper on 'What happens to Engineering Manager in Agile world'

      20 Mins
      Case Study

      This is an extremly simple topic with a very complex answer. I have spent last 3 years experimenting and working with lot of people to understand what happens to the so called Manager role in Agile world. With a self organizing, empowered team, does Manager still have a role? Do you shelve these senior people who drove all your deliverables in the past for your company? Do you just let go the technical expertize these people bring along?

      The research information around the experiment and results will be shared and am very positive that this will help lot of organizations move forward with great benefits. We will see how certain gaps that are created with introduction of Agile can be solved through these senior professionals. At the same time teams don't need to compromize or business doesn't need to compromize on new found agility by adopting any of the Agile practices.

      The very next discussion that I will touch base as part of this presentation is the role of Project Leads. Many Leads resist movement to Agile because they feel their growth will now be stagnated. Is this true? It is again an interesting data set captured by talking to Leads in waterfall world and understanding what they really aspire for.

      Looking forward to sharing my insights with real implementation and resulting data that I'm sure each of you will benefit from.