Our talk will focus on the evolution of the Agile implementation in Amdocs.

While Kanban is widely implemented in the Amdocs Delivery unit, recently we have started experimenting with Scrum in pockets.

Taking it a step further, not wanting to lose out on our learning from Kanban, we are trying ScrumBan in a large scale project.

We will share the approach, the challenges and what we have adopted from Scrum and Kanban in this implementation.

A brief introduction to Amdocs - Amdocs is a leading provider of Customer Experience systems and services in the telecommunications domain, typically doing large scale transformation projects.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Brief Introduction to Amdocs – the business domain, the scale, the organization
  • Our journey towards Agility in the last few years
  • Where does our Kanban implementation stand today?
  • Our first encounters with Scrum
  • Learning from Kanban and Scrum
  • What does ScrumBan look like in our project?
  • Current challenges with ScrumBan

Learning Outcome

Our talk will help the audience think about what are the best practices that can be borrowed from Scrum and Kanban.

It will also offer a practical guide to a ScrumBan implementation and give them pointers on challenges to look out for.

Target Audience

Scrum practitioners, Agile coaches, Kanban practitioners


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Public Feedback

    • Sunil Mundra

      Sunil Mundra - Getting A Partner To Adopt Agile

      20 Mins
      Case Study

      Due to the business benefits which accrue from Agile, clients are demanding their IT Departments/Partners to adopt Agile. It is quite common to find a situation where the client has adopted Agile, but its Partner/Vendor has not.

      This talk is based on my consulting engagement with a client who had adopted Agile and their partner had not, and the client wanted the partner to Adopt Agile.

      The talk will cover the critical challenges encountered in getting the partner to adopt Agile, especially given the wide difference in cultures of both organizations and also the organizations being located in different continents. The talk will also cover the key learnings from this journey.

    • Sudipta Lahiri

      Sudipta Lahiri - 10 (Understated) Lessons from TPS!

      Sudipta Lahiri
      Sudipta Lahiri
      Sr. Vice President
      Digite Inc.
      schedule 7 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      I talk about 10 lessons from Toyota Production System that are important but not talked about.

      Lesson I: Getting the foundation right!

      Lesson II: Be patient to get the foundation right!

      Lesson III: 3S vs 2S

      Lesson IV: Three stages of Seiso

      Lesson V: Understanding Seiketsu

      Lesson VI: Implementing Shitsuke

      Lesson VII: Improvement initiatives are harder to sustain

      Lesson VIII: Keep broadcasting your success

      Lesson IX: Kaizen vs Sustenance

      Lesson X: Lessons from 3MUs and Visual Management


    • Nilotpal Das

      Nilotpal Das - Head First Agile and Organizational Transformation

      45 Mins
      Experience Report

      This is a collection of real time case studies of failed projects. It is an autopsy of these failed projects studying why these projects failed and how application of agie principles could have saved them.

      It is also a study into the organizational culture, behavioral attributes and the people issues and how agile addresses them.

      And finally it is a study of why doing a few projects with agile is not sufficient. How complete organizational transformation into agile practices is necessary for long term success for projects, processes and people.