With the increasing number of Indo-Chinese collaborations in the technology space, it is important for us to identify new paradigms to coach cross-cultural teams. From a simple 'NiHao' to a more complex 'Chop-Sticks', everything comes our way when we coach these teams. It is important for us coaches, to be sensitive to the cultural needs of these teams and re-visit our coaching strategies accordingly. It's true that every team has a flavour and our strategies as coaches are almost always situational. However in this particular talk, I would like to highlight few salient cultural differences which we could harness positively for the team's benefit. I would also like to discuss few tools and practices, which the coaches could adopt while they coach their Chinese counter-parts.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Overview of Cultural Differences (10 min)
  • Challenges and Risks (5 min)
  • Simple Tools and Practices (15 min)
  • Benefits and Results (10 min)
  • Questions (5 min)


Learning Outcome

  • Helps the participants understand the importance of cultural differences
  • Helps them realize why being sensitive to the cultural needs is important for coaching
  • Introduces them to simple tools and practices they can use with their teams


Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Agile Enthusiasts



schedule Submitted 7 years ago