Improving Education and Learning in India and beyond

We are fortunate, software and technology provides us with choices, a relatively good income, and enables us to learn and discover virtually any topic or subject.

Agile software development practices enable us to do a better job, sooner than many other approaches to creating software. We can try things without waiting for 'everything' to be defined, adapt based on experiences and feedback, and get people involved who the software touches.

Two years ago, I visited some schools in Western Kenya to see some classrooms I'd sponsored. That visit and subsequent visits to Southern India, spurred me to apply lean & agile software development practices, to improving teaching, learning and education through appropriate technologies. Each pilot project needed to be adapted to the context of the schools, environment and region in order to function.

We have an opportunity, and perhaps an obligation, to apply our skills and expertise to helping others. In doing so, paradoxically we gain more than we realise. Sustainability and ultimately success will come from peers in India who choose to get involved, waiting for 'others' doesn't cut-it.


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