Find out what testing works for your mobile app.

Agile Software Development means we want to maximise progress while minimising waste. Delays cause waste, for instance wasted time and efforts; ineffective work causes waste; poor quality causes waste; and bugs cause waste and delay progress, etc.

Mobile apps and the mobile app ecosystem help determine what sorts of testing will be more valuable for the project. This workshop introduces various key concepts and factors related to testing mobile apps effectively. You will have the opportunity to practice testing mobile apps during the workshop to help reinforce your learning and discovery.

We will cover both interactive and automated testing of mobile apps, and find ways to reduce the Time To Useful Feedback (TTUF) so the project team can make more progress while reducing project waste. We will also cover various ways to gather more and better information about the qualities of our mobile codebase and of the quality of the apps-in-use.

Bring your mobile apps and mobile devices and be prepared to get involved in testing!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


  • Faster feedback: Time To Useful Feedback (TTUF)
    • Technology & Business facing feedback
    • CI
    • Automated tests
  • Where are the latencies?
  • TBS
  • Shorter and simpler bug investigation
  • Reduce effort
    • Testability
  • Heuristics and mnemonics
  • Big Picture
    • Full lifecycle costs
    • Spending money on testing?
    • Alternatives to testing
  • Complementing testing with other information sources
    • System logs
    • Crash Dumps
    • App feedback
    • Mobile Analytics

Learning Outcome


  • Using Visualisation tools to help define the test automation interface
  • Using Log Analysis to see under-the-hood what apps are saying
  • Hands-on testing of a mobile app

Target Audience

Agile Testers



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