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Do you want to know the latest on what really drives IT and business outcomes when you're trying to rollout DevOps? This is the talk for you. Here, you'll find out that the best IT performers have the highest throughput and reliability while contributing to their organizations' profitability, productivity, and market share goals. You'll also find out what the industry is doing in things like security and containers, and a deeper look into continuous delivery and lean management practices, and how these relate IT performance and quality. You’ll love the results. This talk is great for executives and business directors because it will help you understand the value proposition of DevOps and how to achieve the best outcomes. This talk is also great for practitioners because we help you understand the practices that predict high IT performance – and arm you with the data you need to make your case to the executive suite for DevOps and resources.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Why IT Matters

How we got to where we are

What is IT Performance

How IT Performers are doing awesome

What technical practices are really driving IT Performance

What lean management practices are really driving IT Performance

How culture really drives IT performance

Learning Outcome

What key capabilities should you focus on to make your  DevOps transformation awesome? This talk will tell you what the data says.

Target Audience

Managers, business leaders, technical leaders



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  • Naresh Jain
    Naresh Jain
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    On Agile teams, collaboration is the way of life. Our leaders want their team members to work closely with each other, have shared goals and even think as one entity. Why? Because we believe that collaboration leads to happier, more productive teams that can build innovative products/services.

    It's strange that companies use the word collaboration very tightly with innovation. Collaboration is based on consensus building, which rarely leads to visionary or revolutionary products/services. Innovative/disruptive concepts require people to independently test out divergent ideas without getting caught up in collaborative boardroom meetings.

    In this presentation, Naresh Jain explores the scary, unspoken side of collaboration and explains in what context, collaboration can be extremely important; and when it can get in the way or be a total waste of time.

  • Joshua Kerievsky
    Joshua Kerievsky
    Industrial Logic Inc.
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Code that is difficult to understand, hard to modify and challenging to extend is hazardous to developers, users and organizations. Refactoring, or improving the design of existing code, is one of our greatest defenses against such code. In this talk, I’ll discuss the value of refactoring, how we practice it safely, when and why we refactor, the power of refactoring tools and when we avoid refactoring.  I’ll be using several real-world examples of refactoring and sharing what I’ve learned about this important practice of the last 20 years.


  • vinaya muralidharan

    vinaya muralidharan / Hrishikesh Karekar - We like who we are becoming! - Culture Change at Scale

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Cultural change is hard and in big organizations, it is even tougher to effect.

    When it happens, it happens gradually.

    As change agents and coaches, who are working on the ground everyday, sometimes it feels like there is no change happening at all.

    The trick is to take a step back, move away from the bits and bytes, and take a look at the longer, broader picture.

    So we did just that and the results are heartening.

    We would like to share the cultural evolution in Amdocs Delivery and how being Agile is gradually being built into the fabric of our organization.

    And we would like to share it through images, info-diagrams, pictures - we like to think of it as a time-lapse representation of the change we are undergoing.

    We like who we are becoming - and we would like to share our story with you!


    Who are we?

    Amdocs is a leader in Customer Experience Systems and Services. We are more than 20,000 professionals across the globe, serving customers in more than 70 countries.

  • Hrishikesh Karekar

    Hrishikesh Karekar - The stuff 10x programmers are made of

    Hrishikesh Karekar
    Hrishikesh Karekar
    Agile Coach
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins

    There are programmers... and then there are great programmers..The ones that are 10x.

    10x development is not only about speed. It is much more - its about creating 10x value.

    As one blog author puts it beautifully "A 10x developer will have insights and find solutions that would never occur to an average programmer; they will avoid entire categories of problems that eat up enormous amounts of time amongst average programmers. 10 engineers writing the wrong code could definitely be out performed by a single engineer writing the right code."

    Their behaviors and practices are visible. We see them in action. This excellence is rarely a matter of only skill. It's coming from deep within. The things that drive them, the values and principles that guide them essentially result into the 10x performance that we see.

    In this session, we will see what going on in the minds of these 10x programmers. What is the stuff that makes them 10x.