location_city Singapore schedule Oct 6th 03:05 - 03:50 PM +08 place Legends II

Discover the possibilities of Agile Marketing and the power of applying Agile outside of IT. We’ll explore a case study of Agile applied to Marketing and discuss the benefits of aligning your organization’s use of Agile across departments along with the mindset shift necessary. Instead of focusing on who you can sell to, the focus is shifted to truly connecting with who needs your product or service most while leveraging rapid iterations for maximum output. Discover the value of split testing, inspecting and adapting, and applying an iterative process to your Marketing department. Agile Marketing allows you to adjust your focus and streamline your company processes aligned with Sales and Marketing to attract and service your ideal clients with exponential results.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Agile Marketing Values and Manifesto
  • The Great Divide - Division of departments with Agile only being applied in IT
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Agile Marketing Canvas
  • Personas and User Stories
  • Agile Marketing Funnels
  • Case Study Results
  • Resources from the Agile Marketing Academy

Learning Outcome

  • Discover the benefits of applying Agile outside of IT, specifically to Marketing
  • Learn which core elements of Agile should be applied to Marketing for breakthrough results
  • Hear a case study of these techniques in action that have yielded more than 300% growth in 6 months and 780% growth in a year
  • Learn how you can begin applying Agile to Marketing at your organization

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Managers, People wanting to use Agile outside of IT



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