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The world of data is changing and becoming yet more important as data has become a significant competitive advantage. We are collecting increasing amounts of data, but wanting to process it in decreasing time. This demands new techniques in data storage, enabling the raise of NoSQL technologies. In this talk Pramod will talk about NoSQL in two phases.

In the first phase, the talk will focus on core concepts needed to understand NoSQL databases, NoSQL data models, in particular the role of aggregates and the consequences of schema-less models, options for distribution and the consequences of maintaining consistency.

In the second phase the talk will focus on implementation details and look at some representative databases so you can get a feel for how real NoSQL databases work using Riak, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Neo4J and also look at how to implement evolutionary design with schema migration -- an essential requirement even with schema-less databases. Pramod will also help you to understand how to pick the right database for the requirements.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this talk Pramod will talk about

  • How RDBMS databases are popular and the reasons for the same
  • How RDBMS databases are not capable of handling some of the modern requirements and how in some areas they do not scale
  • What are the reasons for the rise of NoSQL databases
  • How aggregate design and domain driven design, help us to argue about NoSQL databases in a better way
  • What are the different types of NoSQL databases and how are they different from each other and how can you compare them to known RDBMS database models
  • How can you mix different types of NoSQL databases in your application or enterprise and promote the approach of Polyglot Persistence?
  • How would you pick one of these NoSQL databases?

Learning Outcome

Attendees will understand

  • When to use RDBMS database and when not to use them
  • How to reason with NoSQL databases and understand the concept of Eventual Consistency and understand how to deal with it
  • How does schema less database help in the productivity of the developers and allows developers to deploy changes more frequently
  • How to pick the right NoSQL database?

Target Audience

developers, dba, architects



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