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Have you ever thought about applying your Agile knowledge to learn something you want?
Want to learn how to play an instrument? Want to learn a new language? Want to know how to juggle balls? Archery? Dance?
Whatever is the new skill you are willing to learn, believe me: agile can help you with it.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 5 min - Intro:
    • How I found this method
    • Who created this method and why he created this
  • 10 min - Teaching the method:
    • Present and explain the 5 steps of the method
    • Mentioning one of the most popular instruments as basis to guide the explanations of the steps: guitarAlso use another skills to illustrate better each step: languages, juggling, programming...
  • 10 min - Relation with Agile:
    • Mention some of the main ideas of Agile. To be specifc, 5 main ideas (to after relate to the 5 steps of the technique)
    • Give some time for the audience to try to guess and relate the steps with some of the Agile values and principles
    • Going again throughout each step and comparing them with Agile values and principles
    • Discuss about this comparison
  • 5 min - Examples and other techniques:
    • Successes: which are the skills I've learned very fast and how was it
    • Not that successful & why: which are the skills I've failed to learn fast
    • Quick overview on other rapid skill acquisition techniques (Expert in a year, Tim Ferriss and The Dan Plan)
  • 5 min - Practicing!
    • I'll play a song in ukulele, which is the most recent instrument I learned with this technique
    • Explain how I applied this technique to learn ukulele (after less than 8 hours practice) and how is it today after 50 hours practice
    • Only if still time: invite someone from the audience to do a quick/live trial on the stage, with me guiding/mentoring the person
  • 10 min - Closure:
    • Conlusion and inspiring close to motivate everyone to go for what they want to learn, using their Agile knowledge!
    • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Learn a technique of accelerated learning which can be applied to pretty much anything
  • What is the relation between this accelerated learning technique with Agile values and principles (you will be astounded)
  • Real examples of skills which I acquired and I'm acquiring in this way
  • Which of theses skills worked well, which didn't and why
  • How to apply the method with real examples proposed by the audience

Target Audience

Everyone is welcome! Agile and Lean Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, Project Managers, Business analysts, Managers, people curious about Agile or learning techniques...Everyone.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite.

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