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Are you struggling to implementing change at your organization? Is your team resisting your influence? Does your team believe they are high performance team, therefore do not need to change? Are you actively trying to improve the process without much results?

If this is you, then you need to stop what you're doing. Yes, stop everything and do 'nothing'. This means stop pushing against the resistance force, instead be the influence you would like to see. From change agent to stealth agent.

This talk consist of a series of stories that hopefully can illustrate a different approach of implementing change.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

00:00 Intro, get to know the room: what roles are present, what attendees hoping to learn. This helps adjust the content to be more relevant to the room

00:05 the difference between change and influence. Stories of implementing change and being a influence

00:15 important traits of a influencer.(model the behaviour you want to see, be transparent, be vulnerable, follow through, be supportive, use your informal network) stories to illustrate

00:35 recap, what insights attendees have

Learning Outcome

From change agent to stealth agent. After the the session, hopefully attendees can get ideas on how to influence change at their organization.

Target Audience

Change agents that have a few tough nuts to crack

Prerequisites for Attendees


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