Emotional Assertiveness: the power to access our agile mindset and engage in deeper collaboration

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Emotional assertiveness opens our perspective to the real opportunities for us to learn and grow. It also aligns expectations with reality. Giving better estimations and collaboration, along with other benefits. Join the session to learn more of the benefits and to get started with the skills to be more emotionally assertive and to foster it in your organization

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Overview on Emotional Assertiveness

Collaborative exercises on how to be effective with emotional assertiveness


Learning Outcome

Learn how to measure value from emotional assertiveness

Learn the benefits to emotional assertiveness and how it relates to the agile mindset and mindful change

Learn the difference between emotional aggression, assertion, and submission

Learn to be emotionally assertive and how to elicit it from others

Learn how to communicate effectively to subjectively understand others and open new innovative solutions

Learn how to tap more into our own perspective and find opportunities for growth for ourselves and those around us

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to understand how to have mindful change to achieve higher collaboration for yourself and your organization. Especially for leadership who wants to foster a more mindful and collabortive organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind

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