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Agile has been pervasive and proven to be successful for technology product development for more than two decades. Today more organizations are taking agile principles and practices and applying them outside of IT to their business as usual (BAU) activities such as marketing or strategy development. But how easy is this next generational aspect of Business Agility? Can an approach that was rooted in technology product development be successfully applied as an accelerator to achieve overall business efficiency and effectiveness?

In this session, different case studies, including a large Canadian insurance provider, will demonstrate lessons learned from organizations that have taken agile principles and practices to help them drive commercial impacts, build people and their capabilities, adoption of the right mindset and behaviors, and improve performance. Some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • What does business agility mean and why does it matter?
  • How can Corporate Functions such as HR, Finance, Risk and Marketing, which are often entrenched in traditional ways of working, become agile delivery centers?
  • Do agile practitioners need to “stay true” to the principles and practices they originally learned for technology in order to be effective in the business?
  • How should agile business teams be optimally structured to align with an enterprise agile COE?
  • What can leaders learn from others’ journeys so we can determine whether agile can truly thrive outside IT and be scaled across the organization?

If you are a Business Leader who is considering next steps on enterprise agility, organizational resilience, and a culture of adaptability, attend this session to learn valuable and pragmatic insights as you begin your own agile journey.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction (5 mins)

  • Setting the stage: the concept of business agility and the evolution of how agile is applied - outside of technology and into the business (10 mins)

  • Case study: Large insurance provider (10 mins)
    • Proof points: How are we doing? Data to demonstrate success or failure
    • What were the challenges they faced? What were they trying to achieve?
    • What was the design of the agile organization?
    • Challenges and benefits at the start of the journey
    • Key success factors for implementation, adoption and culture change
    • The next steps in the journey

  • Overall lessons learned: What would we do differently next time? (5 mins)

  • Wrap Up (5 mins)

  • Q&A (10 mins)

Learning Outcome

  • How to adopt the agile principles and practices, and drive the mindset and culture outside of technology into business operations
  • How to structure and support your organization in this transformation
  • How to assess readiness and how to adopt end-to-end agile within the business through use of leading practices

Target Audience

Business Leaders, Technology Leaders , Agile Practitioners , Agile COE, Change Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Understanding of Agile basics
  • Adoption of agile in IT or outside of IT
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