Do you see what I see? A vision in 4 simple steps

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Do you see what I see? Do we share the same vision? On the surface, it’s sounds so easy – incrementally build a product to meet a customer need. From 10,000 feet, the general idea seems straightforward, but then you learn about the various types of users and their different needs, project budgets and timelines, implementation options, and design tradeoffs. Now things are complicated! And then, even when you can imagine a sane path through the madness, you must find a way to communicate the path to developers, managers, executives, sales reps, marketing folks, and Bob down the hall. Herding cats seems easy in comparison!
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have the same picture of where we’re heading? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a clarity around primary objectives in a form that could provide context for making tradeoffs? I think so too – and I have a solution – a clear concise product/project vision.
Believe it or not, it isn’t too hard to craft such a vision, and in this hands-on workshop you’ll learn exactly how to do craft a meaningful vision by just answering a few questions. The outcome will provide you with a North Star which can guide decisions throughout the project, and keep everyone marching in the same direction – even Bob. You can also use this same process in crafting a vision for your organization or your team. If you’re a product manager, product owner, BA, project manager, or anyone involved in delivering a product to market successfully, you’ll find this session invaluable.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The agenda for the talk includes:
Definition of Product Vision
Where should a vision come from?
Why Do we need a vision?
Who is the vision for?
What are the pieces of a vision?
Beginning of exercises:
The Story
Introduction of Vision Template
Exercise 1: Why(s): Answer the question based on the story information provided.
Exercise 2: What(s): Answer the question based on the story information provided
Exercise 3: Who(s): Answer the question based on the story information provided
Exercise 4: How (do we measure success)
Exercise 5: 10 words: Put the information from the previous exercises to work to create your 10 word vision statement
Wrap up

Learning Outcome

  • Crafting a vision
  • Value of a vision
  • Collaboration on a vision
  • Application of process to create a vision at any level
  • Next steps after the vision has been created

Target Audience

Anyone involved in delivering a product to market

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring an open mind and your curiousity

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