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The condition for people to collaborate is a basic level of openness between them. What gives the power to empower and maintain openness?

Our experience shows that if each individual is first recognised for who is, chances are that the conditions to collaborate dramatically increase. The problem arises from the fact that we first recognise people for what they do and not for who they are. We automatically put our attention on the thing (what they do) and forget the subject (who they are).

By first acknowledging their identity, people become available for collaborative work as they are encouraged to maintain openness between them. In order to achieve that goal, we use an approach based on natural movement preferences & motor coordination. Profiling people using the ActionTypes Approach gives a broader sense of who they are and allow each and everyone to witness all the natural differences that exist among human beings.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation


What is natural movement?

What is a "preference"?

What is a profile and what it is not?



Learning Outcome

Where to put my attention when I meet/work/collaborate with somebody?

How to maintain openness with myself and with others?

What is the ActionTypes Approach all about?

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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