Agile Craftsmanship and Technical Excellence, How to Get There

In order to pay continuous attention to technical excellence and good design, a Craftsman needs to have a certain set of skills, and to develop those skills over time. We will spend this time discussing a micro-certification approach to identifying and developing these skills. Also how to tell when a craftsman is ready to progress from apprentice to journeyman, or even from journeyman to master.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

A conversation about how to build an organization that embraces a culture of Craftsmanship.  This is a conversation, not a lecture, but I will help guide the conversation along the way.  This has been presented at MileHigh Agile with very good feedback.

Learning Outcome

Ideally, members will leave with some concrete actions to create a Craftsmanship oriented culture, including ideas around how to create a career path to reward success in that arena.

Target Audience

programmers, testers,managers,development directors


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  • Dave Rooney

    Dave Rooney - Emergent Design with Test-Driven Development

    90 Mins

    This workshop shows how Test-Driven Development (TDD) is used to enable emergent design. Using a simple but representative example in Java, the presenter will demonstrate how a low-level design naturally emerges when using the TDD cycle of test/code/refactor. The audience will be involved by suggesting the next steps and also by pairing with the presenter.

    Note that the goal of the session isn't necessarily to have a complete working example at the end, but to illustrate the process of low-level design through TDD.