SDLC Inertia is the biggest inhibitor to Agile adoption. Why? Organizational change is hard. Many institutions are reluctant to rip out existing processes due to tangled process tentacles and team interdependencies that are far reaching. Plus, not everyone is convinced that change is actually needed. It often takes subtlety and wisdom to recognize how much Agile to introduce, how much visibility it merits, and which particular practices will garner the most benefit in a given area.

So how do we maximize the benefits that Agile offers with minimal or smaller, incremental changes to existing processes? How do we improve execution when we can't change the process, can't teach people on the team new things and have no executive support? How do we inject agility when an organization has hostility towards Agile?

We focus on Agile best practices, enlighten slow-adopters why those methods exist, and prove their value in a non-Agile environment. The key is not to emphasize the techniques but focus on desired results instead. Sometimes, you implement Agile because the easiest way to adopt it... is by not mentioning “The A Word” at all.

Outline/Structure of the Talk


How to morph waterfall into Scrum without changing the integrity of an organizations SDLC.

How this has injected elements of agility into your SDLC, as a stepping stone towards a more pure form of Agile.


Learning Outcome

The audience will walk away with the knowledge of how to inject Agility into a Waterfall process thought ordinary best practices, to enhance execution, without changing the process, without teaching people new things and without executive support. 

More specifically, Project Manager would slowly be able to improve how an organization executes, by leveraging freedom to operate within the process and in addition to the process, to secretly introduce Agile best practices, to gain as much of the benefits from Agile as possible, to build trust around the best practices that deliver these benefits, so Agile can eventually come out of the shadows.

Target Audience

Anyone struggling to adopt Agile in a PMBoK world



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