Doing Agile is more than just the summation of all the roles, ceremonies and artifacts of a method like Scrum. Agile only works when one has the courage to really realize the concepts, values and principles at its core. The secret is in "being" Agile in thinking so that it manifests in the "doing."

The session will present common patterns observed in organizations and teams thinking they are "doing" Agile, whereas their practices are very "Fr-agile". These patterns are signs of Agile being practiced in an unhealthy way leading to complete failure or a less-than-expected outcome with unfulfilled expectations.

The presentation is for executives and senior managers responsible for supporting and leading agile transformation in their organizations. In addition, both experienced Agile practitioners and those who have just started or are planning to start their agile adoption journey will find this session helpful in learning about common anti-Agile patterns.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will be structured as follows:
1. Intro - 2 mins
2. Problem Statement - 3 mins
3. Seven Common anti-Agile Patterns - 20 mins
4. Identification of new anti-Agile Patterns by participants - 10 mins
5. Q&A and Close - 10 mins

Learning Outcome

  • 1. Recognizing common Agile anti-patterns
  • 2. Learning about antidotes to the common anti-patterns
  • 3. Recognizing subtle (un-obvious) Agile anti-patterns
  • 4. Discovery anti-dotes to the subtle anti-patterns

Target Audience

Business Executives, Mid-level Managers, Scrum Master, Team Members



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