Challenges in Delivering Business Value to Government Contracts

As an experienced Agile SME working in the government space I have had the opportunity to see changes in the types of requests for delivering products and services to our customers. However there are still a number of challenges in being able to successfully deliver business value to our stakeholders. Robin will describe multiple scenarios based on real business cases of the different types of challenges seen as well as provide recommendations for change to improve collaboration, cycle time, and ultimately business outcomes.

WBS Structure

Contract Types

Milestone Gates


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction 5
Challenge 1 / WBS  / Incremental Completion / Product Based WBS 10
Challenge 2 / Contract Types / Assuming all change is free / Benefits  of different types 10
Challenge 3 / Milestone Gates / Hinders Delivery / Breakdown the gates into smaller reviews 10
Closing Remarks and Questions 10

Learning Outcome

Current Challenges with Agile in Government Space

Opportunities to change the face of delivery

Target Audience

Executive Leadership, Program Managers, Finance, Contracts Officers

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