Surviving a Series of Unfortunate Events Building Trust and Making Agile Work in the DoD

location_city Washington D.C schedule Oct 26th 03:00 - 03:45 PM IST place Ballroom B

Our project was suffering from a series of unfortunate events; it was behind schedule, over budget, re-baselined twice and nearly cancelled. The PM and one third of the staff was gone. Needless to say **we did not have a trusting relationship with our client or their other contractors.** We knew for sure we could no longer conduct business as usual.

We had to convince our government partners that they did not make a mistake in trusting us. Agile had to rebuild relationships, knock down barriers, and produce quick results.

In our case we are government contractors to the United States DoD, working with other contractors (competitors), in an environment that was heavyweight and plan driven. We used agile to drive trust and transparency, which led to collaboration and real results.

If we made agile work you can too!

This exciting workshop includes case study interspersed with frequent exercises and discussion so that you can take what we learned and apply it in your context.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. You
  2. Level Set
  3. Stay or Go
  4. Data
  5. What to Do
  6. How to Implement Agile
  7. Making the Shift
  8. Success

Learning Outcome

  • Explore techniques to increase transparency and build trust
  • Recognize trust as the foundation for success in a government contractor relationship
  • Understand the importance of having the PO role filled by a government customer
  • Explore techniques to engage the PO daily to quickly make value decisions
  • Learn how to work across organization with competitors in a collaborative manner
  • Engage stakeholders and end users in the Sprint Reviews and Planning
  • Learn how to report in manner consistent with government needs while maintaining agility
  • Gradually replacing traditional, sequential, milestone phased gate reviews

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to gain practical knowledge on making a transformation.


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