"In times of battle I have found that plans are useless but planning is everything" - Dwight Eisenhower

The pursuit of agility often rests at the center of a finely balanced scale of predictability and adaptability. While one may compete with the other in the latter, together they may foster flexibility at its highest aspiration. Teams regularly leverage Release planning as a preliminary meet up in an attempt to achieve such a capability. However, most fail to comprehend that the true value of this activity is not as much in strategy as it is in tactics. Release planning is not a one-time meeting but a recurring activity for empirically pursuing certainty in an uncertain locale. Attend this session to gain a new perspective on the tactics of Release Planning along with a few best practices gathered from years of working in a variety of agile/agile like environments.

 This talk will demonstrate a few real world instances as evidence to showcase why Release planning should be treated as an ongoing activity and what can happen when it is ignored. The core of this presentation will be a walkthrough of three tried and tested Release Planning techniques that will empower the audience to broaden their approach to Release Planning. The session will conclude with specific guidance to the attendees on steps to apply these techniques in the work environment.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Given below is the session outline: (Total Presentation Time: 45 mins)

  • Introduction (5 min) 

  • The nature of Release Planning (5 min) 

  • Tips from the Trenches (10 min) 

  • Release Planning Techniques (15 mins) 

  • Open Forum (10 min)

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the 'Why' of Release Planning and the benefits of doing it the agile way. 

  • Experience the basic guardrails for Release Planning through several industry best practices and 
potential pitfalls. 

  • Walk away from this session with new agile techniques that can be used with teams to plan 
releases that encourage logical thinking and a sustainable pace of work. 

Target Audience

ScrumMaster, Agile Coach, Agile Team members, Agile Managers and leaders.


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