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Today, knowledge workers are seeking to find meaning in our lives and purpose in our work. With this new generation of employees who are as interested in purpose as in profit, it is imperative that we revisit management schemes like top down work assignment, the annual review, strict “clock punching” work hours and inflexible vacation policies; and recognize their negative effects on individual morale and team productivity.

As leaders, it is time to recognize and own our responsibility in these counter productive techniques and boldly move into the future with radical alternatives. Now, with organizations as diverse as Virgin, LinkedIn, The Motley Fool, and Zappos applying Frederic Laloux’s “Teal” system to revolutionize management, it is time for us to undergo personal transformations and to lead as well as we manage.

Join Sanjiv to learn how to create the space for a “results only” workplace with a flatter organization structure, work anywhere flexibility, participatory profit sharing, and delegated hiring and firing. Explore the leadership journey needed, with its fears, challenges and tribulations; as well as its joys, triumphs and unassailable business results.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1.Industry Snapshot

2.The Agile Leader’s Role

  • People Operations – Clear the Space
  • Self-Management – Manage Systems, Coach People
  • Personal Presence – Balance Inner, Other and Outer Focus

3.Group Discussion, Q&A

Learning Outcome

Join Sanjiv to learn how to create the space for a “results only” workplace with:

  • A flatter organization structure
  • Team driven "People Operations"
  • "Work anywhere" flexibility
  • Participatory profit sharing
  • Delegated hiring and firing.

Target Audience


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  • Manjit Singh

    Manjit Singh - The Power of Mindsets and Questions in Agile Coaching

    45 Mins

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” –Albert Einstein, because “every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen.” Discover the technique to ask the questions to make breakthrough differences in decision- making, problem-solving, innovation & culture. Typically, questions open thinking, while answers often close down thinking. Question Thinking is a tool for moving beyond limitations in perception and thinking and advancing to novel and extraordinary solutions and answers.

  • Paul Boos
    Paul Boos
    IT Executive Coach
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    So why does pair programming (or any form of pairing really) work? Well rather than tell you why, let's experience it! 

    This is a simple 3 round exercise that you can do with your teams and managers to demonstrate the benefits of pairing. It will show the linkage between having a shared mental model through collaboration and ease of integrating the resulting work.

  • Amber King

    Amber King / Jesse Huth - Forming Self-Selected Teams: How to Create Happy, Empowered, and Effective Teams

    45 Mins

    How do you create excited, engaged, happy, and effective teams? Start them off right by letting your engineers choose their own teams and projects! Through a proven technique called self-selection, Opower was able to turn a tribe of 40 engineers, many of whom were unexcited about continuing to work on the same old products, into six high-performing teams with engineers who were excited to embark on a new adventure, acquire new skills, and ship awesome code.

    In this session we will cover the self-selection process: what it is, generating buy-in & excitement, preparing your teams, running a self-selection event, dealing with concerns throughout the process, and measuring the success of your process. This talk is for anyone who wants to create better teams including Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Program Managers, individual contributors, and other organizational change leaders.

  • Joey Spooner

    Joey Spooner - Getting a Kanban system to work in Jira

    90 Mins

    How do you do Kanban in Jira? There is a default Kanban system provided by Jira, but what do you do when you need to accomplish more than simply moving issues across a board? How do you manage blocks and defects? How do you set up your Kanban system in Jira to provide you with decent metrics? These are just some of the questions we will discuss and you will learn how to address through this tutorial.

    I will cover how you can take a team from an analog system into Jira by using some mindful planning and thoughtful approaches.

    You will leave this tutorial with a set of easy-to-follow steps that will help you get more out of Jira with your Kanban system.

  • Joey Spooner

    Joey Spooner - Using Kanban to measure and improve your team’s performance

    45 Mins

    Are you lazy like me and want a simple way to measure your team’s performance? The Kanban Method, which is sometimes referred to as the "Start with what you do now" approach to evolutionary change, offers a simple and easy way to start measuring and improving your team’s performance.

    I will take you on a brief journey through three government teams that are using Kanban to define, measure, and improve their performance as well as their processes and quality of work. Throughout this talk, I will explain what Kanban is, show three different approaches I have used when implementing a Kanban system, help you know when your Kanban system is predictable and when it is not, and provide simple steps so you can start your Kanban efforts the next day.

  • Robert Harris

    Robert Harris - Kanban 101 & Where To Use It In Your Agile Organization

    45 Mins

    Have you heard about Kanban and do not know where to start or if it is a good fit for your team(s)?

    In our time together I will present an introduction to Kanban including high level concepts and key takeaways for use in your organization.  We will explore some of the better places that Kanban can fit into your Agile (or aspiring Agile) organization.  I will share the information I have gathered and learned over the past four years and leave you with resources to further expand your knowledge of Kanban.  We will end our time together with an open Q&A to discuss your questions, experiences and challenges with Kanban in your organizations.

    I am a past presenter at Lean+Kanban DC, presenting with Amber King in February 2014 a presentation on National Geographic's PMO-Driven Agile Adoption.