Rediscover the universality of Agile principles (and help your clients truly understand them) by playing the Friday Night at the ER simulation.
'Friday Night at the ER' (c) is a powerful training game used originally by healthcare management to improve organizational responsiveness and quality. By imitating the challenge of managing a hospital during a 24-hour period, the game helps people experience and internalize the value of thinking systemically, innovating and collaborating across real and anticipated boundaries to achieve their goals. This game focuses on the role of management across various functions who must come together across organizational silos in order to deliver complete and high quality service to customers/patients. Non-uniform arrival of patients, random events, staffing challenges, and other real-world scenarios not only add a sense of reality to the game, but also help to show how these same challenges within our IT organizations can be addressed using Lean principles.

The 45 minute game play is followed by a 45 minute debriefing in which participants are guided through sharing their insights from the game experience and in relating to similarities to their work environments. The takeaway increased insight in helping individuals understand the Agile mindset and bridge silos within their organizations in order to improve flow of delivery.


Outline/Structure of the Others

10 minute introduction to game concept and mechanics

50 minutes game play

40 minutes debrief

Learning Outcome

·       Experience an experiential group-learning simulation that can help facilitate the necessary cultural change required for a successful Agile transformation
·       Simulate and illustrate dynamics that are common to complex systems
·       Introduce concepts and principles such as Systems Thinking, Process Improvement, Lean and Agile in an entirely new and memorable way
·       Facilitate adaptation and improvement in collaboration, innovation, and data-driven decision-making across organizations

Target Audience

Anyone who is responsible for facilitating Agile transformations and/or anyone who wants to experience an immersive, adaptable simulation game


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    90 Mins

    "Companies know that they derive greater creativity and innovation from teamwork - but what, they wonder, makes a great team?"  -Margaret Heffernan

    The research is clear: High performing teams are extremely rare, but their ability to impact an organization is limitless. If we know this is what we're aiming for, why is high performance so elusive and how can organizations and leaders create environments where it can flourish?

    In this unique session, participants will have the opportunity to observe and interact with a high performing team (live and in the flesh!), discuss what makes them a great team, and learn about the various roles that make them who they are. Through performance and a facilitated conversation, the Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra (, Washington DC's premier self-conducted orchestra, will offer insights into their organizational dynamics. You will observe and discuss what makes them tick and take away practical examples of how you can supercharge the teams you work with or coach.