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As the adoption of Agile DevOps has been steadily growing over the years, many organizations have been taking a proactive approach to prepare for the changes needed for success.  This means building our people and organizations with the skills and resources they need to be successful and working with our customers and users for improved collaboration to enable transparency. We have worked to provide our teams with the tools and infrastructure to enable continuous flow of value.

What do legacy organizations need to transform from Horses into Unicorns? Are there constraints in government programs not regularly seen in commercial industry? Are there commonalities across these organizations that others can learn from to support this journey? 

Suzette Johnson and Robin Yeman are both leading large Agile transformations at different companies with growing implementations of DevOps on large and small scaled programs. While there is not a single pattern to move large legacy organizations to DevOps, it’s amazing the similarities found across two different companies. Through multiple collaboration opportunities they have found similar effective practices and lessons learned.  Join Robin and Suzette as they provide an interactive discussion around the proven practices for large scale transformation, the challenges they have experienced, and the amazing similarities of two Agile DevOps journeys. Their discussion focuses on activities that have been implemented to cultivate teams and build the necessary skills for this transition, to build the infrastructure that enables a DevOps environment, to improve the value stream and extend the mindset of change across the organization, and ways to measure success.

 Specific techniques: Cultivating teams, Building the infrastructure, Change in practices across the value stream/organization, Measures of Success

 Metrics: Reduced Cycle time for Feature delivery; Reduced Mean Time to Repair; Increase in test automation with improved quality; increased delivery of value, Increased transparency for stakeholders


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Two companies independently embark on transitioning from legacy delivery methods to DevOps on their programs and learn that the challenges they face are similar and theirs approach to successful transition follow a similar paths.

Theme 1: Cultivating Teams

  • How to Build Teams
  • Unlock Motivation
  • Lessons Learned

Theme 2: Invest in the Infrastructure

  • Where we started 
  • Path to improvement
  • Places to focus your investment
  • Lessons Learned

Theme 3: Analyze the value stream across silos

  • Where is the value stream
  • How to measure Value
  • Engage the stakeholders
  • Provide Customers touch points
  • Lessons Learned


  • What challenges are you seeing in your organization
  • What approaches have you tried?

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge of the journey in transitioning legacy programs to Agile and DevOps
  • Common Challenges 
  • Approaches to overcome challenges
  • Lessons Learned

Target Audience

Agile Leaders, Business Change, Agile Advocates, DevOps advocates

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  • Jason Tice

    Jason Tice - “Let’s Be Awesome”: Practices, Frameworks and Games to Improve Customer Collaboration

    Jason Tice
    Jason Tice
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    World Wide Technology
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    45 Mins

    The agile manifesto challenges us to favor customer collaboration more than contract negotiation, but what does that really mean and how do you actually do that?  Join us to experience a “fun” ideation framework that teams can use to engage in dialogue with their customers to determine what needs of the team / customer relationship are most important at the present time and then as a group decide on practices to support the highest priority needs.  As the ideation framework is completed, teams and their customers will be challenged to work together and achieve consensus on a limited number of priorities since we all know what happens when we try to make EVERYTHING a priority.  “Let’s Be Awesome” concludes with teams establishing and agreeing upon working agreements to build an “awesome” relationship between customer and team.  In this hands-on and highly interactive workshop, participants will have a chance to learn how to use the “Let’s Be Awesome” framework and cards to facilitate a team / customer ideation session focused on establishing the foundation for a strong relationship; an opportunity to learn, review and discuss many agile practices supportive of effective team / customer collaboration; and a chance to experience a “MarketPlace of Ideas” where they can exchange recommended patterns and practices for customer collaboration from others also attending the workshop.