location_city Washington DC schedule Oct 24th 10:00 - 10:45 AM EDT place Room 6
  • Is your team performing, but not succeeding?
  • As a leader, do you ever ask yourself, "why don't they seem to care?"

If you answered yes or even, "yeah, maybe" -- then you may have a challenge with engagement. It may not be a problem of a team working hard or even working well together, but it may simply be a problem of finding challenge in their work or a lack of clear vision around what they are trying to accomplish -- all of which are driven by a lack of Purpose. Purpose provides the connective tissue between the organizational strategy, product goals, and team motivations. Ultimately, an organization's Purpose sets the tone for their culture. As leaders, and sometimes as change agents, it is our responsibility to help teams learn and establish the Purpose of their work.

It is important that we create an environment where our teams grasp why. In this session, we'll explore why Purpose is important and how it drives vision from the organization to the team to the team members. We will look at the science of Purpose, and the power of it -- how it enables engagement, improves team morale, and can improve performance. During the session we'll leverage some simple facilitation techniques that you as a leader or team member can help clarify your Purpose.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Intro (3 min)
  • Explore "Why Engagement is important?" (8 min)
  • Why is Purpose important? (12 min)
    • Drives motivation
    • Enables decentralized decision making
    • Foundational for vision and Culture
    • Fosters System Thinking
  • Layers of Purpose (7 min)
    • Societal, Corporate, Team, and Personal
  • Three aspects of Purpose (7 min)
    • Profit Passion Potential
  • Review Facilitated Approaches to discover individual and team purpose (5 min)
  • Q&A (~3 min)

Learning Outcome

  • Impacts of Purpose and strategic intent on organizations
  • Facilitation techniques and brainstorming approaches to help define Purpose at an organization, team, and individual level
  • How to leverage Purpose to enable focus and drive engagement of teams
  • Ways to influence culture

Target Audience

Leaders, Scrum Masters, Coaches, Team Leads, Managers, Change Agents

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