Leadership: Beating the odds of OCM failure in Agile/DevOps initiatives

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Adopting Agile and DevOps principles and practices frequently leads enterprises down a path to significant cultural and organizational change. This creates a real barrier for leaders, coaches, and change agents to overcome. Many researchers, sparked by John Kotter’s claim of a 70% failure rate for organizational change have confirmed through scientific study that these types of transformative efforts are more likely to fail than to succeed. Fortunately, all is not lost! Scholar practitioners have also uncovered a powerful tool that consistently increases the success rate of significant organizational change. The secret weapon is leadership… but not just any style of leadership…

In this session, Dr. Steve Mayner will share the potential power of transformational leadership behaviors to drive successful organizational change. His primary research was the first to explore the correlation between this specific leadership style and positive response to change in Agile/DevOps implementations. How enterprise leaders cast vision, encourage individual growth, demonstrate authenticity, and challenge followers to maximize their creative potential can have a greater influence on the success of an Agile/DevOps implementation than any change management method, methodology, or toolset. Steve will also share examples from his own experiences observing transformational leadership in action, and the results that followed.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • The challenge of change
  • The challenge of leadership
  • Applying transformational leadership behaviors to Agile/DevOps challenges

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the factors that cause organizational change efforts to fail
  • Explore the core behaviors of transformational leadership
  • Assess the peer reviewed research that shows how leadership can improve OCM success rates
  • Connect the concepts to personal and professional experiences through interactive discussions

Target Audience

Anyone seeking to improve the success rate of organizational change initiatives

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites, just an open and curious mind.


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