One the most significant ceremony of any Agile Team is Daily Standup where the team members get together and plan for their day. But quite often the daily standup turns into a zombie status update meeting where team members come together to blurt out their updates and walk away to their desk without ever maximizing the benefit of that meet up.

In this session I will share a case study of how we created a simple experiment that turned into Standup Poker and revolutionized our Daily Standup. This technique helped us uncover true insights of teams progress and got the team talking about strategic planning and plan to remove any impediments as a "team" on daily basis to accomplish their sprint goal and commitments.

We learnt that when team members started using this technique, hidden impediments and dependencies started to emerge and team members organically started to re-plan and prioritize their work to accomplish the Sprint Goal. Product Owner also found great value in this technique as this helped them see the teams true progress and engage with the team to re-prioritize user stories and even take a story out of the sprint if required. Scrum Masters started to observe a trend in the confidence level over the span of the sprint and brought that information to Sprint Retrospective to discuss and brainstorm ways to improve and keep the confidence levels high throughout the sprint. The discussions and observations due to Standup poker resulted in teams committing better and more confidently during Sprint Planning and got into the rhythm of always accomplishing their sprint goal, but more importantly they started improving everyday and got into "continuous improvement" mode.

The content, exercise and message of this session highlight the agile principles of individuals and interactions over process and tools and fostering the mindset of continuous improvement.

In this session we will share examples, stories and experiences from trying the Standup Poker and how this simple technique converted a bunch of individuals into a TEAM !!!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction (1 mins)

Sample Stand-Up with volunteers in Audience (10mins) (Interactive)

Inspiration behind the Experiment (3 mins)

Standup POKER !!! (5 mins)

Audience try the Standup Poker Technique (10 mins)  (Interactive)

Audience share their "Aha" Moments (5 mins) (Interactive)

Look for Pattern (5 Mins)

Questions & Answers (5 mins)

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn:

  1. Learn a new technique on how to make their standup more effective by making it a more strategic and planning meet-up rather than status update.
  2. Scrum Masters will learn how to make their teams more self-organize and take ownership and accountability of Sprint Goals & Commitments
  3. Scrum Masters will also learn to how to extract hidden impediments that could be holding their team back
  4. Team members will learn how to commit and plan as a "Team"
  5. Product Owners will learn how to engage and guide the team on daily basis to accomplish the sprint goal to deliver maximum value.

Target Audience

Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Engineers, Executives, Leaders


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