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ABSTRACT: Do you aspire to masterfully facilitate Agile ceremonies? To empower your team to collaborate more effectively? To make meetings more productive and exciting? Then this workshop is for you!

… Ability to skillfully facilitate Agile ceremonies is one of the core competencies of a great Scrum Master. And yet, when organizations undergo Agile transformation, facilitation training for Scrum Masters is rarely a priority. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this sometimes results in dreadfully boring, low energy meetings where everybody is going through the motions without achieving the results and the team is not functioning anywhere near its full potential.

This session shows you how to avoid this and to take productivity of your meetings and your team’s collaboration powers to a new level. It covers the basics of being a terrific facilitator, the mechanics of facilitating Scrum ceremonies, and ways to take your facilitation powers to the next level.

The speaker is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) certified by the International Association of Facilitators as well as ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) and Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: My talk about facilitation at Capital One Scrum Master Summit in 2016 was the most popular session of the summit with 69 people signing up in advance and many more attending (which shows a great deal of interest in this topic in our Scrum Master community). I delivered the talk three times in one day. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Below are the results of the survey (34 people completed the survey): How would you rate this session? 4.75/5 (.95) | How effective were the presenter's presentation skills? 4.8 (.96) | How useful was the information presented at this event? 4.76/5 (.95) | How experienced in the subject was the presenter? 4.9/5 (.98)


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Session outline is below. Each section includes duration in minutes.

(0) Introduction. 2 min.

(1) The astonishing value of facilitation done well. 1 min.

(2) Facilitation 101, including what facilitation is and what it is not: training vs. facilitation. 2 min.

(3) Core Facilitator Competencies as established by the International Association of Facilitators. 5 min

(4) The magic of facilitation: How to: “Start with Why”; avoid meeting preparation mistakes (most meetings fail before they start!); start on the right note; manage the energy in the room; manage the time; managing that one (or two or three!) “challenging” people in your meetings; and finally why your job as a facilitator isn’t done after the meeting is over. 10 min.

(5) How to facilitate Scrum ceremonies like a pro. 5 min.

(6) How to advance your knowledge of facilitation: certifications, classes and professional organizations. 10 min

(7) Q&A. 8 min.

Conclusion. 2 min.

Learning Outcome

The participants will be able to facilitate more effective and engaging meetings by avoiding meeting preparation mistakes and using impactful facilitation techniques for meetings in general and Scrum ceremonies in particular.

They will also be prepared to advance their knowledge of facilitation by leaving the session well informed about certifications, classes and professional organizations.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters and other Agilists with an interest in improving their facilitation skills

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind and positive attitude


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