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Do you have something useful to teach your team? Are they reluctant to give you more than 5 minutes at a time? You need to try Micro Learning.

Team based workshops and certificate programs are the gold standard for agile learning, but often a lot of content is lost to participants, and the format is not always ideal or practical. Micro Learning is proven to support the application of new skills and techniques on the job through short, highly focused and relevant learning opportunities resulting in better learning. A great tool for coaches, scrum masters, tech leads, and skills specialists to help build high performing agile teams, micro learning can be used to improve learning retention, break down longer training sessions into manageable chunks, and overcome scheduling challenges.

In this Micro Learning session on Micro Learning, hear key lessons learned from applying micro learning in an agile enterprise transformation and learn the fundamentals of the technique.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial


  • 0:01 Intro & Warm Up
  • 0:04 Micro learning basics
  • 0:05 Q&A / Closing

Learning Outcome

Fundamentals of Micro Learning

  • How it differs from "chunked" learning
  • Best practices for effectiveness
  • Where Micro Learning is a good (and bad) fit
  • Best practices for linking with Micro Learning and/or longer formats

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, coaches, leaders, and anyone else looking to help build skills on a team.

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