Adaptive Planning using Impact Mapping

Have you ever felt you don't quite understand WHY you work on things that you do and HOW it actually supports your business' goals?

Most (if not all) of us might agree that creating a shared understanding of the vision and goals is critical to the success of the organization. But how do we do it?

From our experience coaching Product Owners and Product Managers over the years, many of them struggle with creating or articulating the business goals and how each of their product increments support them. It turned out that some of them were just taking marching orders from the powers that be, they didn't know (the goals) for themselves and their teams are left in the dark. This challenge is amplified by lack of definition and communication of measures of success to validate that the product increment is indeed contributing to the business objectives.

These factors make it hard to answer questions like "Should we start working on this?" or "Should we continue working on that?".

Fortunately, a technique like Impact Mapping helps overcome this challenge. Impact Mapping is a simple but powerful way of visualizing the mapping of the business goals or objectives down to the product increments that teams work on. It is a great tool that lends well to having meaningful dialogues between business, technology and other stakeholders, and most importantly useful for adaptive planning of what gets worked on or what should be stopped.

In this session, we will share what Impact Mapping is and how to create one. By the end of the session, you will pick up enough knowledge through the process of creating an impact map to try it at work.

This session is suitable for anyone that is interested in learning a technique to create connections between business goals and deliverables.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:05 Overview of Impact Mapping
  • 00:10 What can Impact Maps do
  • 00:20 Steps to create an Impact Map
  • 00:35 Summary
  • 00:40 Q&A

Learning Outcome

Walking out of this session, you'll learn the importance and how to

  • Create an impact map and shared understanding of business goals and scope across all levels in the organization
  • Visualize the underlying assumptions
  • Deliver business goals, not just some features that don’t help support them
  • Use it for adaptive roadmap planning

Target Audience

Product Owner/Manager, Team Member, Leaders, Scrum Masters, Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Come with an open mind to explore Impact Mapping

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