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In software development, we’re trying to meet the given “requirements.” I prefer to call these “desirements,” because they what we want, not necessarily what’s required. And who wants them? We do better when we pay attention to the needs of everyone involved, both those using the system, those paying for it, and those building it. We may not get everything we want, but we can get what we need.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study


Antimatter Principle

Satir Congruence

Learning Outcome

How to get what you need

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  • Brian Sjoberg

    Brian Sjoberg / Julie Wyman - Why Are We Going So Slow? ... Time to Get Your Productivity Game On!

    45 Mins

    Are you struggling with delivering a potentially releasable working product every iteration? Ever wonder what one of biggest reasons we have difficulty getting things done at the individual, team and organizational level are? Do you keep doing something even though you know it reduces your productivity and lowers quality? We are going to run an exercise that highlights one of the major culprits that you have all experienced and probably continue to experience. The exercise will likely ignite a little (or big) fire in your belly that will help you become more productive and improve the quality of your work. From this, we will discuss ways to improve this at the individual, team and organization levels.