Exploring and Orchestrating Organizational Change

When you ask your colleagues, “What are you working on right now?” you will likely receive a wide array of answers: from addressing a short term tactical issue to enabling a strategic initiative or company wide pivot. Despite the prolific use of the phrase, “right now” does not have a common definition and is not a standard unit of measure for time.

That widely varying concept of what constitutes the present is of critical importance when exploring and orchestrating organizational change. This session will suggest principles for transitioning from the often emotionally fraught implementation of discrete transformations to a culture of continuous, coherent, value-informed change at every level (and time horizon).


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  1. Introduce the idea of time spans
  2. Construct a why stack
  3. Requisite variety
  4. Elements of good stories
  5. Why gaps (breakdown in the why stack)
  6. Why stack can be constructed from anywhere
  7. Continuous change, nested stories
  8. Revolution vs "a faster horse"

Learning Outcome

  • Understand common time spans and how to use them to articulate change
  • Use mission command style stories to convey intents and create nested stories for change
  • Begin to distinguish between resistance to change based on fear of ambiguity and resistance to change based on concern about the specific approach or story
  • Use Ashby's Law to understand if an organization is capable of serving its market

Target Audience

This session is ideal for anyone currently trying to make change in an organization OR anyone currently part of a change initiative or transformation.

Prerequisites for Attendees



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