Studies ubiquitously show that Leadership and Culture are among the top factors for a successful Lean Agile transformation. What specific actions should leaders take to structure Lean Agile transformations? How does leader style enable cultural change? This session provides 1) a practical set of actions to start or improve your transformation and 2) a specific list of behaviors to do and NOT to do in setting the right culture as a leader.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Defining the Lean-Agile Leadership challenge
  2. Leading Change: A level deeper!
  3. Cultivating a Leadership Culture
  4. Developing your Lean-Agile leadership style

Learning Outcome

Sessions participants will leave this session with specific actions to initiate or improve the structure of their organizations Lean-Agile transformation. In addition they will have a specific set of behaviors to exhibit and NOT exhibit. We'll have some fun with the behaviors not to exhibit!

Target Audience

Lean Agile Leaders at any level of a transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Lean Agile transformation efforts.


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  • Ken France

    Ken France - Can you be safe with SAFe?

    45 Mins

    Can organizations implement SAFe safely? There are many organizations attempting to scale agile practices to a large number of teams and teams of teams. As I'm sure you know, there are many competing frameworks that are available to help in this regard (SAFe, Disciplined Agile, Nexus, LeSS, S@S, etc.). If you read the blogs, you've seen lots of folks talk about concerns they have with SAFe being too big or prescriptive or . Rather than survey all frameworks, this session will focus on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and provide practical tips and tricks for how organizations have successfully implemented it minimally, incrementally, and pragmatically without experiencing the potential risks you might have read about.

    The session will cover practical tips, tricks, examples, and approaches to implementing SAFe in a way that helps ensure the success of your agile transformation.

  • Steve Moubray
    Steve Moubray
    Agile Coach
    cPrime, Inc.
    schedule 2 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    How do you promote mastery of practice areas? Danial H. Pink tells us people are motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose. Small Agile teams promote autonomy while value streams and corporate missions promote purpose. Communities of Practice can be a great way to promote mastery, if formed correctly.

    Communities of Practice are more important today then they’ve ever been before. We’ve learned cross-functional teams are the best way to produce customer focused products but as we put people into value streams and product teams, are we creating silos where practice domains don’t communicate as often and knowledge gaps are widening? There’s a reason why most Agile Frameworks recommend forming Communities of Practice.

    In this workshop we’ll talk about forming masterful communities and you’ll create a handy pocket guide to take with you.

    Come learn how to form Masterful Communities of Practice and lead your organization going forward.