For an organization that has not yet embraced Organizational Agility, how do you make IT Agility work?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • It’s easy to create an Agile team (kinda—see cookbook), but the real friction comes when using Agile philosophies with waterfall budgeting and reporting thinking
  • It refers to electronics, optics and acoustics, where two things come into contact. By adjusting one or the other you can change what gets transferred (power, signal…)
  • In an organization, we can adjust the Agile team, the external team, or create an intermediate layer to adapt (think ultrasound gel)
    • Which do you think is hardest? Right. Much easier to put someone PM-like at the boundary and make them do the translation
    • Greatest reaping of benefits of Agile will come from the hardest path. So get to work on your Organizational Change Management skills

Learning Outcome

Options for intermediate steps in Agile transformations and starting Business Agility

Target Audience

Product Owners and Project Managers

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Public Feedback

    • Donald Patti

      Donald Patti / Lisa Brown / Meghana Ekbote / Yogita dhond - Scrum in a Snap: Using Snap Circuits to Excite & Educate Scrum Newcomers

      45 Mins

      The best way to learn Scrum is by doing, but it can be difficult to simulate Scrum and see how well Scrum helps team overcome technical hurdles without actually building something technically challenging. Lego's have always been a fun option for introducing Scrum, but it's difficult to recreate technical impediments, the need for spikes and managing technical debt with our tried and true friend, the box of Lego's.

      Arguably, a better alternative might be Snap Circuits, a toy designed to introduce children to electronics in a fun and easy-to-understand format. Like Lego's, adults gravitate toward Snap Circuits because they are colorful, quickly understood and snap together with ease.

      But, Snap Circuits have the added advantage of requiring a small amount of technical learning during the simulation that make it a closer match to the technical obstacles faced by a typical Scrum team.

      In this workshop, you'll learn one "Scrum in a Snap" simulation exercise. In addition, we'll provide you with a few other "Scrum in a Snap" ideas and encourage you to experiment on your own. Four lucky attendees will also win their own Snap Circuits kit so they can develop their own Scrum games.

      Past participants in "Scrum in a Snap" have said "The best Scrum exercise I've ever done", "I can't believe how much it's like coding - without actually coding", "What a blast - I'll never forget this activity!" and "Where can I buy one?"

      Attend this workshop to see why.