How many Agile coaches go into their coaching engagements unprepared?

Actually the question is impossible to answer; because there's no broadly known and accepted statement of what "being prepared as an Agile coach" encompasses or even means.

But we think this presentation will help - a lot.

It provides a simple but very effective exercise that any coach can perform to understand the ecosystem they are entering and where they sit within it, establish the communication channels that they will need to execute, and put them in a position to quickly contribute and learn.

As with all good things coaching, this presentation draws on the work of Peter Block. It distills a number of his preparation and readiness actions, plus some additional, distinctly Agile ones, into a graphic radiator we call "The Coaching Wheel."

Eisenhower notes, "Plans are worthless; planning is everything." How that applies here is that building your Coaching Wheel as you begin your engagement is the most valuable part. But it also encompasses a more fundamental step than planning. It includes mapping out the landscape of relationships. A bit oversimplified but useful summary is that it boils down to, "Where am I?" "What's the specific context? What's the game?" "What's my role in it?"

You'll see what we mean, because you'll get to build you're own Coaching Wheel! You can do one even if your role is not the coach, or even if you're not on an Agile project or team! While a few of the details may vary, the same technique can be used to orient you in any role, even if you've been in it for years.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Quick Level Setting on Agile Coaching

Brief Discovery on What an Agile Coach Needs to Know

The Underlying Principles

The Coaching Wheel

Exercise: Building Your Wheel


Learning Outcome

The fundamental things an Agile Coach needs to do and find out

  • To get oriented to a new coaching engagement (or even an existing one)
  • To discover what is needed
  • To discover what is essential but missing, so that it can be remedied
  • To succeed

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Agile Practioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic familiarity with what Agile Coaching is

Basic Familiarity with some Agile method, in particular Scrum or XP

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