Best-Fit Agile - our approach to efficient and lasting use of Agile Concepts

Agile is great. It has been proven to reduce time-to-market while increasing quality. I’m a believer. But I have also been leading software teams and businesses for several decades, and know that every organization is different. Some have an Agile evangelist at the top, some have new development teams steeped in Agile, some are pushed to Agile by their customers. Each of these cases leaves a gap, sometimes large, that must be bridged in order for the organization to be successful in their Agile adoption.

Implementing cookie cutter Agile, all or nothing, by the book, doesn’t work much of the time. My co-presenter and I have developed a best-fit approach and will discuss our methodology to understand the current AS-IS landscape, people, product, process, and the optimal TO-BE implementation and value proposition.

Our presentation will identify examples of current environments, potential pitfalls to using one-fit Agile, and conclude with a single use case of the best-fit approach. The goal is for each participant to walk away with an understanding of where they individually might have tried to fit agile principles to a team and it was not accepted or effective - and what alternatives might have worked better.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk with slides and some small audience participation. Will be a mix of theory, example failures, example successes, and lessons all can learn from.

Learning Outcome

Participants to hear examples that they recognize from their own organizations or experiences, and another approach that might work for them.

Target Audience

Anyone in a legacy organization interested in benefiting from Agile concepts - especially where a previous approach did not work as hoped

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open, yet practical mindset. Participants should think about how their organization is set up, who the decision makers and influencers are, and how each gets their work done.

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