Emotional Intelligence: the Power to Change

At the core of Agile is the Agile mindset. The Agile mindset is the belief in change. Uncomfortable emotions are the hindrance to any change. Emotional intelligence gives us the ability to embrace our uncomfortable emotions and see the opportunity in challenges. Join Amy, as she goes into detail about how emotional intelligence can give us the power to be adaptable to change and how we can improve our emotional intelligence!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What is the Agile Mindset
  • How does the Agile Mindset Relate to Emotional Intelligence
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is needed for Change
  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • How to improve our Emotional Intelligence

Learning Outcome

That being Agile is foundational to being able to do Agile. Emotional intelligence gives us the ability to choose to enter the Agile mindset, which is the core of being Agile

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to understand how to unlock change

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind

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